Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Hypnotherapy – Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

Help with weight loss and issues around eating, are one of the most common reasons we see and help clients.

For many, eating has become more that simply a method of fuelling the body. In the western world, we have plentiful access to food of the healthy variety and also the less nutritional variety, both quickly and easily. Food also plays a large part in many of our social interactions and fondest memories, particularly those from childhood. This means for many it has become synonymous with feelings of happiness, love and pleasure. Is it any wonder, that so many people turn to it for comfort, during times of stress, loneliness, sadness and a whole range of other unhappy emotions?

Sadly using food for comfort comes at a price; an ever exceeding waistline and the associated health problems that go with it. Many clients, that we see, are all too well aware of what constitutes a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet, yet are unable to follow it due to the emotional crutch that food has become for them.

There is also the added pressure that both men and women feel the need to fit in with an idealised and often unrealistic body image, which only adds to their misery. This is where the all too familiar vicious cycle can be created when the client then goes on to overeat further in order to make themselves feel better. Due to the shame that some people feel about their habit, they may go on to develop further destructive habits such as secretive and/or binge eating.

How can Hypnos Wellbeing help you lose weight?

By listening carefully to your conscious and subconscious reasoning (through hypnosis) we can help you to realise, release and make peace with the parts of you that keep you repeating these bad habits, whilst also offering your subconscious positive suggestions on eating mindfully.

Eating mindfully is about making you fully conscious of what you are eating, how quickly you eat it and the point at which you feel both hungry and full. For many people who have over eaten for some time they find that they are out of tune with their body’s signals and frequently struggle to recognise one or both of these states. Emotional eaters often report that they think and obsess about food all day long, yet go into a blank almost trance state whilst eating their pleasure food of choice. In both cases, eating mindfully is what’s needed.

To keep you motivated on becoming the happier, healthier you that you want to be, we will also offer positive mental imagery to your subconscious using Hypnotherapy, NLP tools to cope with underlying stresses and CBP to examine and create change in those unhelpful thoughts, behaviours and emotions around food. Our treatment centres are located in Hoddesdon, Brookmans Park and St Albans. We also offer hypnotherapy for clients based in London.

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Please note: As with any therapy individual results will vary and individual success cannot be guaranteed

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